About Sadhaka Movement

About Sadhaka Movement

In Sanskrit, Sadhaka means “seeker” and Movement is defined as a change in position. Sadhaka Movement strives to stay true to the founding principles of well being while being innovative and evolving.

Sadhaka Movement seeks to facilitate a transformative experience through the acknowledgement that our past shapes us and fostering excitement for the future. Setting the intention to embrace compassion for our individual bodies, the circumstances of our own lives, and our unique journey to wholeness.


About Nikki Olsen

About Nikki Olsen, Founder

Nikki Olsen is a Certified Advanced Rolfer® and Movement Practitioner. Her mission is to help individuals become more structurally integrated through manual manipulation and movement. She primarily utilizes movement modalities such as GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, Yoga, TRX, and Kettlebells to support sound structure in the human body.

Upon receiving her certification from the Rolf Institute® in 2002, she established her private practice in Aspen, Colorado. Through working with avid mountaineers and athletes she noticed that although one may seem physically fit to the eye, there are often underlying imbalances and injuries on the structural level. Structural imbalances may result from a variety of causes. She identified the human body as a brilliant compensating machine that can endure years of inefficient movement organization before it may show signals of disharmony. Nikki sought out modalities which would aid our body from becoming victim to constant strain due to faulty movement mechanics. For example, GRYOTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® & Yoga both safely support the body to explore ranges of motion at nearly every joint and provide education for mindful alignment.

Nikki moved to New York City in 2005 with the intention to immerse herself in the extensive movement and bodywork communities. She discovered and trained in personal training, pilates, yoga, GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, TRX, energy healing and massage therapy in order to create the optimal movement gym which best supports Rolfing®. Her journey has greatly deepened her understanding of the human body. It has challenged her movement theories allowing new insight and ideologies which are the foundations of Sadhaka Movement. In 2011 Nikki moved to Boulder, Colorado to continue her practice as a Rolfer® and personal trainer. She also teaches at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration® and the Boulder Massage Therapy Institute.

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I trained with Nikki for three years, not only was I in the best shape in my life but she was also amazing at bodywork and helped to keep the stress my body accumulated in check. She is irreplaceable. Over the years I have met many wonderful trainers but none like her who combined such an eclectic repertoire of exercises from kettle bells to pilates and yoga along with skills in Rolfing® and massage. If only Nikki had stayed in New York! My friends and I truly miss her!

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I started to work regularly with Nikki when I was pregnant with my first child and was lucky enough to see her regularly (both pre and post baby) for strength training and bodywork including a Rolfing® series. I appreciated the skill with which Nikki was able to integrate different modalities from yoga to Gyrotonic as well as her warm, restorative approach. She understood my body’s needs, guided subtle, important adjustments in my movement and knew when to increase the challenge appropriately.

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I have worked with Nikki for several years. As a runner that logs lots of miles weekly, having a therapist that is both healing and relaxing is super important. Nikki is both. She is highly skilled and easy to work with. Two thumbs up.

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I was doing intense cardio at least five days a week for years, but my strength training was random and boring. After just a few functional training sessions with Nikki, the strength in my arms, legs and core improved dramatically, and I was never bored in the gym. Nikki tailored a program specifically for me and showed me how subtle adjustments in form make all the difference in the result. I recommend Nikki to everyone looking to enhance their workout.


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