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Working with Nikki will be educational and transformative while having fun through the journey.



Nikki OlsenRolfing®

The main form of bodywork Nikki practices is called Rolfing®.
Rolfing® was created by Ida Rolf, in the 1930’s. It is a hands on therapy and movement education that address the body’s structural integration.

Ida Rolf stated,

Form and function are a unity, two sides of one coin. In order to enhance function, appropriate form must exist or be created.

Our bodies are brilliant compensating machines that can endure years of inefficient organization before it will give signals of disharmony. It is important to strive for optimal posture to prevent unnecessary stress on our bodies.This is important for conserving energy and living a vibrant, healthy life.

Rolfing® involves a combination of slow, applied pressure, and gentle movements. Optimal structural integration is best achieved by the accumulative progress of multiple sessions. Clients may choose the classic Rolfing® 10 series or a tailored series.

Personal Training

Sadhaka MovementPersonal Training

Nikki brings an extensive background of movement modalities to her personal training clients.

Whether a client is training for a specific sport or overall wellness, the sessions will be designed to ensure bio-mechanical efficiency. It is paramount in Nikki’s personal training sessions that clients receive enough education that they feel confident to eventually train themselves.There are great benefits to having a coach throughout a training period, however, through Nikki’s approach clients should become comfortable working out solo.

Training with Nikki is educational, transformative, and fun!


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